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Industry Photography

Product photography covers a lot of ground. In shooting the pictures of industries or factories, they need to advertise their products and raw materials. For the raw products like metal, iron, crude oil, there is another favorite type of product photography since this requires the perfect balance of light and preparation.

While some product shoots might involve models, many times you will be working solo in a studio doing still life photographs of small objects. The angles from which the picures are taken matters the most and provides a fine edge to it.


Of all of the types of photography, this is the one with no rules. Fine art photographers create art. They display their work in galleries and at art shows, and generally, they sell a finished, framed print product to their customers. Fine art photography can be of any subject at all, but landscape and portrait artists are probably the most common.

Fine art images are about capturing emotional responses and communicating with the audience. Even though, industry photography may sound uninteresting, but the art of it makes it beautiful like other sectors of photography.


While many find taking pictures of buildings to be a fun hobby, many specialized photographers make careers out of it. Employed by architectural agencies or working as freelancers, these photographers capture the essence of buildings from inception to completion.

Details captured include the exteriors and interiors, and subtle details that make the building's design unique. Architectural photography requires some special techniques and equipment to minimize distortion and perspective problems that become apparent on a building’s many right angles.

Industrial photography company

Industrial & Commercial Photography in India

Industrial photography has been widely employed today, particularly for industries of manufacturing including steel, petroleum and gas, or can be used in the service sector as well. It is a visual representation of what happens in manufacturing and services. It focuses on photographing machinery and action, and brings them out with a visual appeal. It also involves taking aerial photos or drone photos for the purpose of showing their efforts.

Industrial Photographer and industrial photography company

Industrial photography companies are those companies who specialize in providing commercial photography services in the field of industries. These companies have special tools and equipment dedicated for this purpose. These companies consist of a team of professional photographers who have a lot of expertise in various domains of photography.

Companies providing industrial photography services try to capture images with intricate details of everything inside an industry or a factory. It can include the pictures of industrial product, photographs of employees speak and working on their job. Photographs of technology or machinery being used by the employees, customers purchasing the final product or services, photographs of various industrial units, business portraits are also included as a part of professional photography in this domain.

Cost of Industrial photography services

Photography including industrial photography and product photography is not an easy task to do. Photo shooting and then post processing to create and produce images which are worthy of posting and catching clients' and customers' attention requires rigorous hard work and expertise. So, cost matters a lot here.

It usually ranges from Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 30,000 per hours. Moreover, this can also vary as well. Clients might have a different requirement, sometimes they demand for some extra editing or a different way of photo shooting images. Again cost do lessen when low resolution images are concerned.

Industrial photographers can charge extra fees for labor cost as well in addition to hourly rates. They can also charge for renting their camera and studio for being used.

Company may also provide a package system for clients. Company can charge for the numbers of photos captured. They can also charge on the basis of shots like what kind of pictures are being captured.

Cost for industrial photography can depends on many factors. some of the factors are:

1. Kind of equipment used

All the equipment involved in the photography are taken into consideration while estimating the cost of industrial photography.

High configuration camera would cost higher rate than the basic one.

If gimbles are used for stabilizing the photographs then, additional may be be applied.

2. Quality of Images required by the client

An HD quality photograph would cost lesser than 4k photographs.

3. Talents involved

The experience of the Photographer and the DOP (Director of Photography), contributes towards determining the cost of any photography.

4. Aerial Videography or Photography

If drones are used for aerial images or videography then it's cost would be additionally increased.

5. Area of the Factory

Shooting a smaller factory would require less budget, whereas if the industry is spread over a large area, then it would take more time to shoot, hence it would incur more cost.

6. In how much detail you want the shoot to be done?

Let's say a factory have 5 basic processes and each process have 5 other sub-processes.

If only the basic processes are captured and shot then the the price would be lesser because it would take lesser time than if the entire processes are shot in detail along with sub-packages.

How well the industry is lit?

If the industry is well lit then the lighting cost would be less, but in case there is no ample amount of light in the industry then more number of artificial lights would be required, contributing to the price of the industrial photography.

How do you prepare your industry?

The main motive behind shooting an industry is to create impression. Hence, everything in the photo shoot or video shoot should be seen clean, systematic and well- organized.

Therefore, one must ensure the follwing:

  1. Clean the Workplace
  2. Clean the Machinery
  3. Staffs should be in clean uniform
  4. Take all the Safety Measures

Below, in this article we are discussing some of the factors on which cost of Industrial photo shoot depends.

Shooting Location matters

Is there a photo studio on-site, or will the photographer just have bring everything with them? Some firms have fantastic premises dedicated only to their photography needs, while others rely just on photographer's studio. When travel is involved, the cost almost always climbs up.

Industrial Equipment

Photographers who have invested in specialty cameras, optics, light, and other gear can expect to pay a higher price. The price of the quote includes the cost of obtaining and maintaining available equipment.

Working with a photographer who owns a studio may be more expensive. The price is countered by the advantage of being in a place solely committed to taking the greatest images possible.

Skills in Photography

A photographer's commercial clients and portfolio reveal a great deal about their reputation as well as competence. Because talented photographers have hectic schedules, it is necessary to organize the session ahead of time.

A good commercial photographer may offer a variety of services or specialize in a certain field of photography. When a firm is looking for specialty photography, they might just have to pay a premium for that particular mix of skills.

Editing and Post-processing of photographs

Some businesses hire picture editors who also do post-production work. Some use the knowledge of a professional photographer to create the final product. Considering post-production can take many hours longer than the original photography session, it may be charged separately and included in more costly plans.

Various Kinds of Industrial photography

Industrial photography can be of various types. Below is given a list of various types of Industrial photography.

  • - Industrial Equipment
  • - Advertising photography
  • - Real estate photography
  • - Photographing industrial environments
  • - Aerial photography
  • - Food photography
  • - Industrial Product photography
  • - On-location photography
  • - Lifestyle photography
  • - Photo shooting industrial units
  • - Professional headshots
  • - Product photography

Let us discuss some major categories of Industrial photography.

Architectural photography

It's easy to dismiss architectural photography as merely capturing buildings, but there's more to it. Architectural photography is concerned with capturing not just the architecture and exact portrayal of a structure, but also with making the images aesthetically pleasant to the viewer's eye. An architectural photographer creates images rather than taking them.

Architectural photographers need special abilities and methods to enjoy the best of buildings, such as using viewpoint control to capture entire areas and understanding when and when to discover the photos.

There are various styles for photo shooting of amazing architectures. Lets see them one by one.

Exterior Architecture Photography - Outside architecture photography depicts a building's exterior construction. Building exteriors are very easy to shoot since they receive a lot of natural light. The current weather conditions have an impact on this sort of photography, which might end in a dynamic shot.

Interior Architecture Photography - Interior Architecture Photography is used to photograph the inside of buildings. This type of photography is frequently difficult since there is restricted light available within the confines of a construction. As a result, additional illumination is necessary to correctly depict the interiors.

Professional headshots

This is another form of industrial photography. If your workers give a talk or write a whitepaper and also have a bio on your site or LinkedIn, headshot photographs can be used as profile pictures. Because people identify you and link you with both the things you do and say, your appearance is one of your most significant brand assets. Professional headshots typically Centre on the upper body, such as the head and shoulders. Headshot photography is among the most demanding services which an industrial photographer can do. Just about everyone, regardless of profession, needs a headshot for a variety of reasons.

Product photography

Product photography is a sort of commercial photography which entails photographing items for business purposes. The product might be an object, meal, or prepared dish. In general, an item in product photography is compact enough to sit on top of a table.

Product photography is used to show a product in an appealing or fascinating light. Typically, the picture is used to market the goods. The final image can be used in a catalogue, brochure, or website. Anyone will see instances of product photography whenever you open an advertising, such as a monthly ad from your local supermarket, or visit the website where things are for sale.

On-location Photography

On-location photography allows your customers to see how you work. Customers appreciate seeing your personnel in action. It reassures them to see how you do tasks and that you care about your business, your products or services, and, ultimately, your clients.

Another advantage of on-location shooting is that it reduces downtime. Photographers will come to you and shoot photos from the sideline so that your workers may continue working.

Uses and Importance of Industrial photography

An professional would be able to snap images that are engaging and highlight what you want from each and every aspect, leaving the viewer with no questions. He or she should have an attention to detail and be able to pique the attention of ordinary machines. This means that the shots should be more like works of art than merely specialized images. For example, an expert will shoot a standard, daily conveyor belt in such a manner that it piques the viewer's attention by emphasizing key sections and blurring away the backdrop. When these photographs are placed on commercial advertising materials such as a booklet or a PowerPoint presentation, they will communicate the tale of the process.

Aside from actual posters and brochures, the appropriate photos will improve your online professional image. A website that displays high-quality photos of each and every industrial process in which the company is involved will increase the viewer's credibility and interest. This, in turn, will assist a firm in obtaining a lead, selling a product, or improving its online image.